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October 16, 1989 | Volume 71, Issue 16

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Rickey Henderson Cover - Sports Illustrated October 16, 1989

October 16, 1989 | John Garrity

October 16, 1989 | John Cole
This angler's flies match no known hatch

October 16, 1989 | Compiled by Stefanie Scheer
BASEBALL—The Oakland Athletics defeated the Toronto Blue Jays four games to one to win the American League pennant, and the San Francisco Giants beat the Chicago Cubs 4-1 in the National League...

October 16, 1989
CHRIS ROSSIBARRE, VT.Chris, 13, won the Junior Boys (ages 8 to 13) National Waterski Championship. He is the first resident of Vermont to compete in a national water-skiing competition. He also...

October 16, 1989 | Bruce Newman
Freeman McNeil's compassion brought him only headaches

October 16, 1989 | Nicholas Dawidoff
For five months this year I devoted inordinate hours to physical exercise preparing for a triathlon. A triathlon is an endurance sport in which competitors engage in successive excesses of...

October 16, 1989 | Austin Murphy
Why is the triathlon the Rodney Dangerfield of sports? While volleyball and water polo are discussed with perfectly straight faces, the triathlon is dismissed as a mutt sport, a sideshow of...

October 16, 1989 | Jay Jennings
The prose of a newspaper sports columnist has a life span briefer than a housefly's. His words go into the trash bin every day. The best writers deserve more permanence, and Joe Williams, a...

October 16, 1989 | Edited by Hank Hersch
BIG RED (1970-89)

October 16, 1989 | Edited by Hank Hersch
•John Wathan, Kansas City Royals manager, on a fan's banner proclaiming BO KNOWS BALLET, a play on Bo Jackson's Nike ads: "Bo may know ballet, but he'd need to wear a four-four instead of a tutu."

October 16, 1989 | Peter Gammons

October 16, 1989 | Peter Gammons
In the absence of an Emily post or an Amy Vanderbilt, A's designated hitter Dave Parker used his eyes to define his rules of baseball etiquette for Blue Jay third baseman Kelly Gruber. After the...

October 16, 1989 | Ron Fimrite

October 16, 1989 | Donald J. Barr
The challenge for contributing photographer Brian Lanker was to show exactly what a one-way ticket to Palookaville looks like when it has been handstamped onto a boxer's face. So for the pictures...

October 16, 1989 | Paul Zimmerman

October 16, 1989 | Douglas S. Looney

October 16, 1989 | Edited by Gay Flood
PANNING PATERNOIs the Joe Paterno who is being criticized for either not recruiting superior athletes for Penn State or not deploying them properly (A Very Sorry State, Sept. 18) the same Joe...

October 16, 1989 | Merrell Noden

October 16, 1989 | Peter King

October 16, 1989 | Peter King
JUST DRAFT, BABYNo matter how proficient he is at his new job, Raider coach Art Shell, the league's first black head coach in 64 years, faces tough going. He simply doesn't have a good team with...

October 16, 1989 | Peter King
OUT OF THE ASHESIf any coach of a 2-3 team ever deserved a new contract, it's Gene Stallings of the Cardinals. Four of Phoenix's five games have been on the road. In a 30-28 loss at Washington on...

October 16, 1989 | Peter King
Packers at Vikings. "It's going to be weird if we lose," says Green Bay safety Kenny Stills. That's how weird this rivalry is. Since the start of the 1987 season, Minnesota is 22-10, not counting...

October 16, 1989 | Peter King
It's a fact that scoring has increased so far this season, but the reasons remain elusive. Yardage gained by rushing has been fairly constant since mid-decade, including this year, but passing is...

October 16, 1989 | William F. Reed

October 16, 1989 | William F. Reed
OFFENSE: Houston quarterback Andre Ware, who's being honored for the second straight week, completed 33 of 53 passes for 514 yards and six touchdowns in a 66-10 win over Baylor, which entered the...

October 16, 1989 | Rick Reilly