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December 24, 1984 | Volume 61, Issue 28

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Edwin Moses Cover - Sports Illustrated December 24, 1984

December 24, 1984 | Robert Sullivan
Olden Polynice's troubles started when he was cleared of plagiarism

December 24, 1984 | Roger Jackson

December 24, 1984 | Roger Jackson
UWE BLAB: Indiana's 7'2" senior center from West Germany, who was named the MVP of the Indiana Classic, scored 62 points, grabbed 15 rebounds and blocked 13 shots in three Hoosier victories.

December 24, 1984 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum

December 24, 1984 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Glen Kozlowski, Brigham Young wide receiver, whose team is playing in the same bowl for the seventh straight time: "Last year we got official Holiday Bowl watches. This year, the bowl has offered...

December 24, 1984 | Terry Todd

December 24, 1984 | Sue Hubbell
December 1983: In a few days it will be Christmas. I have been snowed in for several days here in my cabin in the Ozarks, but that is of no account. Along toward the end of the month, I always go...

December 24, 1984 | Robert F. Jones
Like many a dyed-in-the-woods bird hunter, I'd never had much use for skeet. The clay pigeons used in skeet, I'd sneer, just aren't the same as the real thing. Unlike a wily, wary game bird, the...

December 24, 1984 | Compiled by SANDY KEENAN
PRO BASKETBALL—No sooner did New York's Bernard King return to action after a groin injury had sent him to the sidelines for two weeks, during which the Knicks had a 1-6 record, than New York beat...

December 24, 1984
FACE IN THE CROWDLOS ALAMITOS, CALIF.Face In The Crowd, 3, a gelding, won the $122,404 Dash for Cash Derby at Los Alamitos Race Course, sprinting the quarter mile in 21.73 seconds, to beat Fathers...

December 24, 1984 | Edited by Gay Flood
STICKING UP FOR UCLASir:How can Curry Kirkpatrick conclude that new UCLA coach Walt Hazzard will fail when he has hardly begun (The DeBacle At DePaul, Dec. 10)? How can he imply that Reggie...

December 24, 1984 | Curry Kirkpatrick
Georgetown's awesome top-ranked Hoyas routed No. 2 DePaul as Patrick Ewing (33) got a little help from friends like Grady Mateen

December 24, 1984 | Paul Zimmerman
Dr. Z's All-Pro team has 12 guys per unit to accommodate today's D and a deserving James Wilder

December 24, 1984 | Alexander Wolff
Julius Erving and Larry Bird put down their dukes as Philadelphia beat Boston in a classic game

December 24, 1984 | Frank Deford

December 24, 1984 | Robert L. Miller
Nine years ago reporter Amy Lennard was a Peace Corps volunteer teaching English in Chonju, South Korea. Last week she was able to draw on her experiences as she checked the facts in our story...

December 24, 1984 | Steve Wulf
Three years ago Boston College coach Jack Bicknell turned to his fourth-string quarterback during a rout by Penn State and said, "Flutie, see what you can do." What the 5'9¾" Doug Flutie did,...

December 24, 1984 | Kenny Moore
Raised in poverty, Joaquim Cruz of Brazil became a prince in his sport after his impressive Olympic 800

December 24, 1984 | William Oscar Johnson
South Korea, the host nation of the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, is reaping the rewards of three decades dedicated to recovering from centuries of war and foreign oppression

December 24, 1984 | Rick Telander
Is Miami's remarkable Dan Marino a celebrity hunk? A ham-and-egger? The author explores a legend in the making

December 24, 1984 | Jill Lieber
The Top 10 college seniors as rated last week by the National Football Scouting combine:

December 24, 1984 | Jill Lieber
"We aim to spread a little cheer," says Bob Golic, a 6'2", 260-pound Cleveland nose tackle and a mighty big elf. Says Doug Dieken, the Browns' left tackle and an equally outsized (6'5", 252-pound)...

December 24, 1984 | Jill Lieber
Ray Wersching, the 49ers' kicker, is racking up the numbers. His 131 points make him the leading scorer in the NFL for '84, and he has been No. 1 on the team in scoring in all but the first of his...

December 24, 1984 | Jill Lieber
OFFENSE: Washington's Art Monk finished the season with an NFL-record 106 receptions as he caught 11 for 136 yards and two TDs as the Redskins beat St. Louis 29-27 to clinch the NFC East title.

December 24, 1984 | William Taaffe
Once again, it's time to choose the best and worst in television sports