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January 29, 1973 | Volume 38, Issue 4

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Dayle Haddon Cover - Sports Illustrated January 29, 1973

January 29, 1973 | Edwin Shrake
George Foreman, big and confident, surprised everybody but himself by taking the world title from Joe Frazier. What next? At least three good challengers—the heavyweight division lives again!

January 29, 1973 | Joe Jares
Rod Laver got one and Dick Stockton the other as the WCT started a four-month tour that will reach the world's capitals and crannies. While the Aussie won in Miami, reports from Wales were foggy

January 29, 1973 | Clive Gammon
Mae'n bleser cael y tenis yna yng Nhogledd Cymru," Mr. Gordon Griffiths from the Isle of Anglesey announced expansively at the start of the matches at Deeside Leisure Centre. For the benefit of...

January 29, 1973 | Mark Mulvoy
But not outdoors in L.A., where the hedonistic Kings sun and surf. The trouble is, they freeze on the road

January 29, 1973 | Ron Fimrite
What were the tiny flying tiger (above) and the little bitty bomb doing? They were merely stealing the show at The Great Miami Air Race—and proving that it is always nicer to win one for the nippers

January 29, 1973 | Peter Carry
And Baltimore is loaded. The return of Archie Clark, the acquisition of Elvin Hayes and the transformation of Mike Riordan have made it an explosive team, one with a real shot at the NBA title

January 29, 1973 | Robert H. Boyle

January 29, 1973
UCLA leaves home in quest of one of sport's finest records, San Francisco's 60-game winning streak. Curry Kirkpatrick describes the action and takes a look at the men behind it.

January 29, 1973 | Jule Campbell

January 29, 1973 | Barry McDermott
Black may or may not yet be beautiful at the University of Alabama, but it is bountiful for sure now, turning an old conference inside out

January 29, 1973 | Pat Putnam

January 29, 1973 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

January 29, 1973 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Ken Holtzman, Oakland Athletic pitcher, on what the designated-pinch-hitter rule means to him: "I'm facing the realization I may never come to bat again in the major leagues."

January 29, 1973 | Ron Reid
Which is what Steve Prefontaine, tender of knee and sore of spirit, did last Saturday in the Sunkist Meet's two-mile race. He hadn't looked so good—or sounded so cocky—since the happy days before...

January 29, 1973 | Robert F. Jones
Mark Donohue whipped his mud-spattered rental car out of the main gate at Riverside International Raceway and accelerated savagely down one of the shabby side streets that enmesh California's most...

January 29, 1973 | Beau Westover

January 29, 1973
AUTO RACING—Mark Donohue won the Winston Western 500-mile NASCAR Grand National in Riverside (page 52) by averaging 104.056 mph.

January 29, 1973
12, 13—Jerry Cooke15, 16—Lane Stewart17—Gerry Cranham18, 19—John D. Hanlon20, 21—Eric Schweikardt22—John D. Hanlon24—Roy DeCarava26—Roy DeCarava, AP51—Sheedy & Long61—map by William...

January 29, 1973
Diana Pitts, a senior at Ward Melville High in Setauket, N.Y., set Suffolk County Girls AA records with a 1:08.1 in the 100-yard backstroke and a 31.6 in the 50-yard backstroke. She is undefeated...

January 29, 1973
ROBERTOSirs:It was with great disappointment that I read the token recognition of what has to be one of the most tragic occurrences of modern baseball. Your coverage of the death of Roberto...