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December 21, 1964 | Volume 21, Issue 25

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Ken Venturi Cover - Sports Illustrated December 21, 1964

December 21, 1964
BASKETBALL—BOSTON increased its Eastern Division lead to five games by defeating the Lakers 108-98, the Royals 116-101, the Bullets 112-99 and the Celtics' two-time conquerors, the 76ers, 118-109...

December 21, 1964
22-25—Neil Leifer26—Hy Peskin30—Herb Scharfman31—Jerry Cooke33—Walter Iooss Jr.39—Jay Maisel62-63—Walter Iooss Jr.70—Associated Newspapers73—Robert Grimm78—Ted Lau102—Walter Daran, Dayton Daily...

December 21, 1964
Bill Bybee, an eighth-grader from Long Beach, Calif., bowled a 300 game in a Youth Bowling Association tournament, thereby becoming the youngest person ever to roll a perfect game in league play....

December 21, 1964
FAIR-HAIRED WILLIAMSirs:Congratulations to Frank Deford for giving the public the most accurate and complete picture to date of a once-in-a-decade athlete (An Ivy Leaguer Is the Best, Dec. 7). As...

December 21, 1964

December 21, 1964
•Bob Timberlake, Michigan quarterback, explaining that he sees no conflict between his ministerial ambitions and playing football: "I can't see anything wrong with good clean violence."

December 21, 1964 | Tex Maule

December 21, 1964 | Edwin Shrake
Neither the Bills nor the Patriots are likely to beat San Diego unless the game is played in fierce weather

December 21, 1964 | Frank Deford
Coach Johnny Dee has changed the style of basketball at South Bend and he has trained a winning team, but far more important are the steps he has taken to make it enjoyable for visitors to lose to...

December 21, 1964
The NFL Championship is scheduled for Cleveland, and Tex Maule will report it. With the AFL site still undetermined, Edwin Shrake has hotel reservations in Buffalo and Boston.

December 21, 1964
With the Winter Olympics in Innsbruck and the summer Olympics in Tokyo, sport emphasized the international in an exciting yean of PREDICTABLE GLORIES AND GRAND SURPRISES

December 21, 1964 | Alfred Wright

December 21, 1964 | Sidney L. James
The gates are slowly closing on 1964—this is the last issue we will publish in this calendar year—and we are looking back with more than the usual nostalgia at the last 12 months. This was the...

December 21, 1964 | Robert H. Boyle
is one sure way to be wrong about the future, it is to be conservative about the American capacity for growth. Back in 1939, for instance, the General Motors exhibit at the then New York World's...

December 21, 1964
Is everybody ready? The far-out and yet-to-be ideas shown on these pages are the stuff Buck Rogers' dreams were made on—yet some are as close as television was 20 years ago. Kids who read Buck...

December 21, 1964 | Mark Kram

December 21, 1964 | Dan Jenkins

December 21, 1964
When those 19 Republican governors and governors-elect sat down to dinner in Colorado after trying to decide whether to declare open season on Dean Burch, there was only one thing to serve them:...

December 21, 1964 | Virginia Kraft
The schoolmasterish outdoorsman shown above owns all of the elk in Texas as well as most of the mountain range on which they roam. If he gets his way, he will share both these treasures with the U.S.

December 21, 1964 | Charles Goren

December 21, 1964 | Mervin Hyman
It is now obvious that even the most highly regarded college teams need more than just a big reputation to survive this year. Michigan, Vanderbilt, St. Louis and Kentucky were the latest to fall....

December 21, 1964 | Theodore Sturgeon