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October 07, 1963 | Volume 19, Issue 15

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated October 07, 1963

October 07, 1963 | Tex Maule
The Cleveland Browns were supposed to go sky-high last year, but somebody forgot to light the fuse. This year Fullback Jimmy Brown and Quarterback Frank Ryan are exploding to new records and have...

October 07, 1963 | Theodore M. O'Leary

October 07, 1963 | Whitney Tower
For them, winning the Woodward Stakes meant more than another rich prize

October 07, 1963 | Kenneth Rudeen

October 07, 1963
As it gets on into autumn in Ireland, the blackthorn is laced with ice, the hazel coverts where the woodcock lie, brown as old leaves, glow purple, you hear the wild, edgy cry of snipe and you...

October 07, 1963 | Charles Goren
Alvin Roth, who is on the team that won both the Vanderbilt and Spingold championships this year, is a fine theorist as well as a top player. If he has any weakness it is a tendency to display...

October 07, 1963 | Dan Jenkins
In the breathless heat of Los Angeles' Coliseum, Oklahoma held on to the ball almost twice as long as USC and soundly thrashed the country's top-ranked team

October 07, 1963
The world series will be a duel of Yankee power and defense vs. Dodger pitching and speed. Color photographs of the action and an inside look at the tactics of both teams.

October 07, 1963 | Mervin Hyman

October 07, 1963 | Mervin Hyman
LINEMAN OF THE WEEK: Huge (215 pounds, 6 feet 5) UCLA End Mel Profit caught four passes, blocked a Penn State pass and spilled runners all over the field before he was injured and left game to a...

October 07, 1963 | Mervin Hyman
Penn State over Rice. Rip Engle's Swing T and Liske's passing will baffle the Owls.

October 07, 1963 | Robert Ball
There were British flags aplenty waving at the Davis Cup matches, but in the end the Union Jack saluted only a flagging British cup team

October 07, 1963 | Jack Nickalaus
There are two basic principles to keep in mind on those days when the wind is threatening to destroy your poise and your game. If the wind is in your face you should hit a shot that imparts very...

October 07, 1963 | Jack Olsen

October 07, 1963 | Jack Olsen
GETTING THERE: The island can be reached by plane or ship. There are daily flights from New York to Montreal by Eastern and Trans-Canada (first-class round trip about $67, economy about $50);...

October 07, 1963

October 07, 1963
•Gene Mori, board chairman of Hialeah racetrack, turning down an offer to buy it: "A man could own 20 banks, but he could own but one Hialeah."

October 07, 1963
18—Tony Tomsic19—James Drake25—Rich Clarkson26, 27—Herb Scharfman, Daily News, Art Rickerby-Pix30—Yves Debraine-Automobile Year33—Brian Seed50, 51—Evan Peskin56, 57—Gerrv Cranham58—Neil...

October 07, 1963
Anne Batterson, of Bloomfield, Conn., who took up sky-diving three years ago, won the women's overall title at the National Parachute Championships and qualified for the U.S. team that will...

October 07, 1963
BASEBALL—The LOS ANGELES DODGERS, relying almost exclusively on pitching, won their second National League championship since moving from Brooklyn in 1957. Clinching the pennant six days before...

October 07, 1963
MR. MURPHY'S CHOWDERSirs:Myron Cope's article about Fido Murphy, Football's Greatest Scout (Sept. 30), reminds me of an incident attesting to the qualifications of another great scout: Campbell...

October 07, 1963 | Duncan Barnes
The shotgun, long the most popular sporting firearm in the U.S., is currently enjoying its biggest boom in the country's history. There are two important reasons for this: more leisure time for...

October 07, 1963 | Maury Allen
The first major league baseball game under lights at Ebbets Field 25 years ago provided a memorable drama