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October 31, 2011
The NHL's efforts to reduce the number of concussions may appear honorable to some, but to me it's sheer hypocrisy, considering how the league continues to allow players to fight and throw punches at each other's heads. If it really wanted to minimize concussions, the NHL would ban all fighting on the ice.
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October 31, 2011


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Tyler Scott, Columbus, Ohio

As a teenager who has been bullied throughout my life, I was happy to see a high-profile sports figure such as DeSean Jackson take action to highlight this major issue. No one ever really came to my aid while I was being bullied in the locker room and on the soccer field, so to see that Jackson is actually concerned about bullying is making a huge impact in my life. All schoolchildren should read this article because it could give them the hope and confidence it has given me.

Brian Babyak, Weston, Conn.

Defensive Stops

While the numbers put up by the 2011 Alabama defense are certainly impressive (Tide and Punishment, Oct. 10), I think the most important statistic needed to judge a great defense may be points surrendered. Since the 1920s only three teams have reached regular-season perfection by remaining unscored upon: Colgate in 1932, Duke in '38 and Tennessee in '39.

Kent Stephens, South Bend

Southern Gentleman

I wholeheartedly agree with Joe Posnanski's comments in What the Game Needs (POINT AFTER, Oct. 10). I was a walk-on offensive lineman at Georgia Tech in 1976 when Bill Curry was the team's offensive line coach. At the time, many of the coaches and players treated walk-ons with mild disdain. On the contrary, Coach Curry treated me with the same respect he gave to all the scholarship players under his tutelage. Any parent would be lucky to have his or her child be coached and taught life's lessons by such a man.

Scott Lyle, Baltimore


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