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  Finals MVP Joe Nieuwendyk enjoys the skate-around, raising the Cup in front of the fans at Marine Midland Arena. AP

Stars win Stanley Cup!

Dallas slides past Buffalo 2-1 in triple OT, wins series 4-2

The Stanley Cup finals are finished, but the arguing over the crease rule has just begun in earnest. The Dallas Stars were almost too worn out to hoist the Stanley Cup after the marathon Game 6 on Saturday night-Sunday morning. And the Buffalo Sabres were almost too mad to concede defeat. Brett Hull scored at 14:51 of the third overtime, putting a rebound past weary Dominik Hasek on the edge of the crease as the Stars won hockey's biggest prize as much by exhaustion as execution, outlasting the Sabres 2-1. The Sabres protested to no avail that Hull's left foot had been in the crease.

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  • NHL to stop using replays for 'crease' calls
    Two days after the Stanley Cup finals ended in controversy, the NHL said it will stop using replays to decide disputed goals.

    Stars bring first non-football title to Dallas
    The Dallas Cowboys are no longer riding high on the local sports scene. Six years after moving to town, the Dallas Stars have taken over.

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