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San Diego ChargersSan Diego Chargers

Date Player Status Injury
01/12/2014  King Dunlap  Probable  Ankle
01/12/2014  Ryan Mathews  Questionable  Ankle
01/12/2014  Nick Hardwick  Questionable  Neck, concussion
01/12/2014  D.J. Fluker  Questionable  Ankle
01/12/2014  Eddie Royal  Questionable  Toe
01/12/2014  Eric Weddle  Probable  Hamstring
01/12/2014  Jeromey Clary  Questionable  Shoulder
01/12/2014  Sean Lissemore  Questionable  Shoulder
01/12/2014  Kendall Reyes  Probable  Ankle
01/05/2014  Ryan Mathews  Probable  Ankle
01/05/2014  Kendall Reyes  Probable  Ankle
01/05/2014  Sean Lissemore  Questionable  Shoulder
01/05/2014  Eddie Royal  Questionable  Toe
12/29/2013  Ryan Mathews  Probable  Ankle
12/29/2013  Eddie Royal  Questionable  Toe
12/29/2013  Jeromey Clary  Probable  Hand
12/29/2013  Sean Lissemore  Probable  Shoulder
12/29/2013  Thomas Keiser  Probable  Elbow
12/29/2013  Shareece Wright  Probable  Foot
12/23/2013  John Phillips  Injured-Reserve  Right knee
12/23/2013  John Phillips  Injured-Reserve  Right knee
12/22/2013  Nick Hardwick  Probable  Not injury related
12/22/2013  Jarret Johnson  Probable  Hand
12/22/2013  Antonio Gates  Probable  Not injury related
12/22/2013  Ryan Mathews  Probable  Foot
12/22/2013  Eddie Royal  Questionable  Toe
12/22/2013  Keenan Allen  Probable  Shoulder
12/22/2013  Le'Ron McClain  Questionable  Hamstring
12/22/2013  Bront Bird  Probable  Ankle
12/22/2013  D.J. Fluker  Probable  Ankle
12/22/2013  Shareece Wright  Probable  Foot
12/22/2013  Eric Weddle  Probable  Hamstring
12/16/2013  Johnny Patrick  Injured-Reserve  Ankle
12/16/2013  Johnny Patrick  Injured-Reserve  Ankle
12/12/2013  Keenan Allen  Probable  Shoulder
12/12/2013  Nick Hardwick  Probable  Neck
12/12/2013  Jarret Johnson  Probable  Hand
12/12/2013  Corey Liuget  Probable  Knee
12/12/2013  Shareece Wright  Probable  Foot
12/12/2013  D.J. Fluker  Probable  Ankle
12/12/2013  Johnny Patrick  Questionable  Ankle
12/12/2013  Sean Lissemore  Probable  Toe
12/12/2013  Lawrence Guy  Probable  Toe
12/12/2013  Eddie Royal  Questionable  Toe
12/08/2013  Johnny Patrick  Questionable  Ankle
12/08/2013  Corey Liuget  Probable  Knee
12/08/2013  Nick Hardwick  Probable  Neck
12/08/2013  D.J. Fluker  Probable  Ankle
12/08/2013  Lawrence Guy  Probable  Toe
12/08/2013  King Dunlap  Probable  Neck
12/08/2013  Lavelle Hawkins  Probable  Knee
12/08/2013  Eddie Royal  Questionable  Toe, chest
12/08/2013  Jarret Johnson  Questionable  Hand
12/01/2013  D.J. Fluker  Probable  Knee
12/01/2013  Ryan Mathews  Probable  Hamstring
12/01/2013  Nick Hardwick  Probable  Neck
12/01/2013  Seyi Ajirotutu  Probable  Hamstring
12/01/2013  Corey Liuget  Probable  Shin
12/01/2013  Jarret Johnson  Questionable  Hand
12/01/2013  Mike Windt  Probable  Ankle
12/01/2013  Antonio Gates  Probable  Hamstring
12/01/2013  Eddie Royal  Doubtful  Toe, chest
12/01/2013  King Dunlap  Doubtful  Neck
12/01/2013  Darrell Stuckey  Questionable  Concussion
12/01/2013  Lawrence Guy  Probable  Toe
11/24/2013  Johnny Patrick  Questionable  Concussion
11/24/2013  Jarret Johnson  Doubtful  Hand
11/24/2013  Jahleel Addae  Probable  Ankle
11/24/2013  Vincent Brown  Probable  Shoulder
11/24/2013  Eddie Royal  Questionable  Toe
11/24/2013  Nick Hardwick  Probable  Neck
11/24/2013  King Dunlap  Out  Neck
11/24/2013  Keenan Allen  Probable  Knee
11/24/2013  Manti Te'o  Probable  Elbow
11/24/2013  Lawrence Guy  Probable  Toe
11/24/2013  Ryan Mathews  Probable  Hamstring
11/17/2013  Lawrence Guy  Probable  Toe
11/17/2013  Ryan Mathews  Probable  Hamstring
11/17/2013  Nick Hardwick  Questionable  Neck
11/17/2013  D.J. Fluker  Probable  Illness
11/17/2013  Jarret Johnson  Questionable  Hamstring
11/17/2013  Le'Ron McClain  Questionable  Ankle
11/17/2013  King Dunlap  Out  Neck
11/17/2013  Eddie Royal  Questionable  Toe
11/17/2013  Jahleel Addae  Questionable  Ankle
11/17/2013  Manti Te'o  Probable  Elbow
11/17/2013  Mike Remmers  Probable  Ankle
11/17/2013  Chad Rinehart  Probable  Toe
11/12/2013  Larry English  Injured-Reserve  Right pectoral
11/12/2013  Larry English  Injured-Reserve  Right pectoral
11/10/2013  Chad Rinehart  Probable  Toe
11/10/2013  Donald Butler  Probable  Groin
11/10/2013  Lawrence Guy  Questionable  Toe
11/10/2013  Mike Scifres  Probable  Knee
11/10/2013  Mike Remmers  Out  Ankle
11/10/2013  Jarret Johnson  Questionable  Hamstring
11/10/2013  Eddie Royal  Questionable  Toe
11/10/2013  Tourek Williams  Probable  Thumb
11/03/2013  Donald Butler  Doubtful  Groin
11/03/2013  Jarret Johnson  Probable  Hamstring
11/03/2013  Lawrence Guy  Probable  Toe
11/03/2013  Eddie Royal  Questionable  Toe
11/03/2013  Mike Remmers  Out  Ankle
11/03/2013  Chad Rinehart  Questionable  Toe
11/03/2013  Eric Weddle  Probable  Toe
10/20/2013  Eddie Royal  Questionable  Toe
10/20/2013  Stephen Schilling  Questionable  Neck
10/20/2013  Richard Marshall  Probable  Groin
10/20/2013  Chad Rinehart  Out  Toe
10/20/2013  D.J. Fluker  Probable  Calf
10/20/2013  Johnny Patrick  Probable  Chest
10/20/2013  Jeromey Clary  Probable  Clavicle
10/20/2013  Donald Butler  Doubtful  Groin
10/20/2013  Jarret Johnson  Questionable  Hamstring
10/20/2013  Ronnie Brown  Probable  Ankle
10/20/2013  Shareece Wright  Probable  Hamstring
10/20/2013  Corey Liuget  Probable  Shoulder
10/14/2013  Johnny Patrick  Probable  Chest
10/14/2013  Shareece Wright  Probable  Hamstring
10/14/2013  D.J. Fluker  Questionable  Calf
10/14/2013  Ryan Mathews  Probable  Concussion
10/14/2013  Richard Marshall  Questionable  Groin
10/14/2013  Jarret Johnson  Questionable  Hamstring
10/14/2013  Manti Te'o  Probable  Foot
10/14/2013  King Dunlap  Probable  Concussion
10/14/2013  Jeromey Clary  Probable  Clavicle
10/14/2013  Donald Butler  Questionable  Groin
10/14/2013  Rich Ohrnberger  Probable  Groin
10/14/2013  Chad Rinehart  Out  Toe
10/09/2013  Mike Harris  Injured-Reserve  Ankle
10/09/2013  Mike Harris  Injured-Reserve  Ankle
10/06/2013  Chad Rinehart  Doubtful  Toe
10/06/2013  Jeromey Clary  Questionable  Clavicle
10/06/2013  Rich Ohrnberger  Questionable  Groin
10/06/2013  King Dunlap  Out  Concussion
10/06/2013  Johnny Patrick  Questionable  Chest
10/06/2013  Derek Cox  Probable  Knee
10/06/2013  Manti Te'o  Probable  Foot
10/06/2013  Shareece Wright  Questionable  Hamstring
10/06/2013  Ryan Mathews  Probable  Hamstring
10/01/2013  Malcom Floyd  Injured-Reserve  Sprained neck
10/01/2013  Malcom Floyd  Injured-Reserve  Sprained neck
10/01/2013  Dwight Freeney  Injured-Reserve  Torn quadriceps
10/01/2013  Dwight Freeney  Injured-Reserve  Torn quadriceps
09/29/2013  Manti Te'o  Probable  Foot
09/29/2013  Chad Rinehart  Doubtful  Toe
09/29/2013  Jeromey Clary  Doubtful  Clavicle
09/29/2013  Donald Butler  Probable  Groin
09/29/2013  King Dunlap  Questionable  Concussion
09/29/2013  Nick Hardwick  Probable  Shin
09/29/2013  D.J. Fluker  Probable  Concussion
09/29/2013  Shareece Wright  Questionable  Hamstring
09/29/2013  Malcom Floyd  Out  Neck
09/22/2013  Eddie Royal  Probable  Wrist
09/22/2013  Malcom Floyd  Out  Neck
09/22/2013  Chad Rinehart  Day-to-Day  Foot
09/22/2013  D.J. Fluker  Questionable  Concussion
09/22/2013  Corey Liuget  Probable  Hamstring
09/22/2013  Donald Butler  Questionable  Groin
09/22/2013  Shareece Wright  Questionable  Hamstring
09/22/2013  Manti Te'o  Doubtful  Foot
09/15/2013  Brandon Taylor  Probable  Knee
09/15/2013  Sean Lissemore  Probable  Elbow
09/15/2013  Manti Te'o  Out  Foot
09/15/2013  Corey Liuget  Probable  Shoulder
09/09/2013  Manti Te'o  Out  Foot
09/09/2013  Brandon Taylor  Probable  Knee
09/09/2013  Eddie Royal  Probable  Chest, concussion
09/09/2013  Johnny Patrick  Probable  Concussion, not injury related
09/09/2013  Malcom Floyd  Probable  Knee
09/09/2013  Corey Liuget  Probable  Shoulder
09/09/2013  Shareece Wright  Probable  Chest
09/01/2013  Damik Scafe  Injured-Reserve  Undisclosed
09/01/2013  Damik Scafe  Injured-Reserve  Undisclosed
08/27/2013  Chris Gronkowski  Injured-Reserve  Ankle
08/27/2013  Dan DePalma  Injured-Reserve  Shoulder
08/27/2013  Chris Gronkowski  Injured-Reserve  Ankle
08/27/2013  Mike Willie  Injured-Reserve  Knee
08/27/2013  Mike Willie  Injured-Reserve  Knee
08/26/2013  Byron Jerideau  Injured-Reserve  Shoulder
08/26/2013  Steve Williams  Injured-Reserve  Pectoral
08/26/2013  Steve Williams  Injured-Reserve  Pectoral
08/26/2013  Byron Jerideau  Injured-Reserve  Shoulder
08/19/2013  Danario Alexander  Injured-Reserve  Torn right ACL
08/19/2013  Danario Alexander  Injured-Reserve  Torn right ACL
08/07/2013  Devan Walker  Injured-Reserve  Knee
08/07/2013  Devan Walker  Injured-Reserve  Knee
08/01/2013  Kenny Okoro  Injured-Reserve  Undisclosed
08/01/2013  Kenny Okoro  Injured-Reserve  Undisclosed
07/28/2013  Jonas Mouton  Injured-Reserve  Torn right ACL
07/28/2013  Jonas Mouton  Injured-Reserve  Torn right ACL
05/14/2013  Melvin Ingram  Day-to-Day  Torn left ACL
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