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Miami DolphinsMiami Dolphins

Date Player Status Injury
12/29/2013  Jamar Taylor  Probable  Hamstring
12/29/2013  Chris Clemons  Probable  Knee, hamstring
12/29/2013  Don Jones  Probable  Elbow, abdomen
12/29/2013  Brian Hartline  Probable  Knee
12/29/2013  Ryan Tannehill  Probable  Knee
12/29/2013  Paul Soliai  Probable  Ankle
12/29/2013  Marlon Moore  Probable  Wrist
12/29/2013  Koa Misi  Probable  Triceps
12/29/2013  Jared Odrick  Probable  Wrist
12/29/2013  Daniel Thomas  Questionable  Ankle
12/22/2013  Chris Clemons  Probable  Knee, hamstring
12/22/2013  Jamar Taylor  Probable  Hamstring
12/22/2013  Paul Soliai  Probable  Ankle
12/22/2013  Daniel Thomas  Questionable  Ankle
12/22/2013  Brent Grimes  Probable  Groin
12/22/2013  John Denney  Probable  Illness
12/22/2013  Olivier Vernon  Probable  Ankle
12/22/2013  Reshad Jones  Probable  Groin
12/22/2013  Nolan Carroll  Probable  Knee
12/15/2013  Nate Garner  Probable  Ribs
12/15/2013  Paul Soliai  Probable  Ankle
12/15/2013  Lamar Miller  Probable  Concussion
12/15/2013  Reshad Jones  Questionable  Groin
12/15/2013  Brandon Fields  Probable  Not injury related
12/15/2013  Jamar Taylor  Questionable  Hamstring
12/15/2013  Chris Clemons  Probable  Knee, hamstring
12/15/2013  Nolan Carroll  Probable  Hamstring
12/10/2013  RJ Stanford  Injured-Reserve  Fractured right fibula
12/10/2013  Dimitri Patterson  Injured-Reserve  Groin
12/10/2013  Dimitri Patterson  Injured-Reserve  Groin
12/10/2013  RJ Stanford  Injured-Reserve  Fractured right fibula
12/08/2013  Lamar Miller  Probable  Pectoral
12/08/2013  Michael Egnew  Probable  Neck
12/08/2013  Ryan Tannehill  Probable  Right thumb
12/08/2013  Chris Clemons  Probable  Knee, hamstring
12/08/2013  John Jerry  Probable  Concussion
12/08/2013  Austin Spitler  Probable  Knee
12/08/2013  Jamar Taylor  Out  Hamstring
12/08/2013  Daniel Thomas  Questionable  Ankle
12/08/2013  Dimitri Patterson  Questionable  Groin
12/01/2013  Dimitri Patterson  Out  Groin
12/01/2013  Rishard Matthews  Probable  Back
12/01/2013  Marlon Moore  Probable  Hamstring
12/01/2013  Jamar Taylor  Out  Hamstring
12/01/2013  Marcus Thigpen  Probable  Wrist
12/01/2013  Daniel Thomas  Out  Ankle
12/01/2013  Koa Misi  Probable  Knee
12/01/2013  Jared Odrick  Probable  Knee
12/01/2013  Jimmy Wilson  Probable  Abdomen
12/01/2013  Sam Brenner  Probable  Knee
12/01/2013  Jonathan Martin  Out  Illness
12/01/2013  Chris Clemons  Questionable  Knee, hamstring
11/24/2013  Chris Clemons  Probable  Knee, shoulder
11/24/2013  Reshad Jones  Probable  Groin
11/24/2013  Dimitri Patterson  Doubtful  Groin
11/24/2013  Daniel Thomas  Probable  Ribs
11/24/2013  Dannell Ellerbe  Probable  Knee
11/24/2013  Jimmy Wilson  Probable  Abdomen
11/24/2013  Rishard Matthews  Probable  Back
11/24/2013  Mike Pouncey  Doubtful  Illness
11/24/2013  Koa Misi  Probable  Knee
11/24/2013  Jonathan Martin  Out  Illness
11/24/2013  Derrick Shelby  Probable  Ankle
11/24/2013  Mike Wallace  Probable  Hamstring
11/17/2013  Dimitri Patterson  Questionable  Groin
11/17/2013  Reshad Jones  Probable  Groin
11/17/2013  Koa Misi  Probable  Knee
11/17/2013  Brandon Fields  Probable  Shoulder
11/17/2013  Chris Clemons  Probable  Knee, hamstring
11/17/2013  Mike Pouncey  Questionable  Illness
11/17/2013  Mike Wallace  Questionable  Hamstring
11/17/2013  Jelani Jenkins  Probable  Illness
11/17/2013  Caleb Sturgis  Probable  Right groin
11/17/2013  Will Yeatman  Out  Knee
11/17/2013  Michael Egnew  Probable  Neck
11/17/2013  Jonathan Martin  Out  Illness
11/17/2013  Daniel Thomas  Probable  Ankle
11/16/2013  Will Yeatman  Injured-Reserve  Torn ACL
11/16/2013  Will Yeatman  Injured-Reserve  Torn ACL
11/11/2013  Caleb Sturgis  Probable  Right groin
11/11/2013  Nolan Carroll  Probable  Concussion
11/11/2013  Dimitri Patterson  Doubtful  Groin
11/11/2013  Dannell Ellerbe  Probable  Calf
11/11/2013  Dion Sims  Probable  Toe
11/11/2013  Jelani Jenkins  Questionable  Foot
11/11/2013  Nate Garner  Probable  Knee
11/11/2013  Chris Clemons  Probable  Hamstring
11/11/2013  Koa Misi  Questionable  Knee
11/11/2013  Jonathan Martin  Out  Illness
10/31/2013  Jonathan Martin  Out  Illness
10/31/2013  Dion Sims  Doubtful  Toe
10/31/2013  Bryant McKinnie  Probable  Knee
10/31/2013  Olivier Vernon  Probable  Knee
10/31/2013  Brent Grimes  Probable  Quadriceps
10/29/2013  Brandon Gibson  Injured-Reserve  Torn left patellar tendon
10/29/2013  Brandon Gibson  Injured-Reserve  Torn left patellar tendon
10/27/2013  Ryan Tannehill  Probable  Right shoulder
10/27/2013  Bryant McKinnie  Probable  Knee
10/27/2013  Cameron Wake  Probable  Knee
10/27/2013  Brent Grimes  Probable  Back
10/27/2013  Dimitri Patterson  Probable  Groin
10/27/2013  Dannell Ellerbe  Probable  Shoulder
10/27/2013  Brandon Gibson  Probable  Shoulder
10/27/2013  Koa Misi  Probable  Knee
10/20/2013  Dannell Ellerbe  Doubtful  Shoulder
10/20/2013  Koa Misi  Probable  Shoulder, knee
10/20/2013  Dion Jordan  Probable  Ankle
10/20/2013  Dimitri Patterson  Questionable  Groin
10/20/2013  Chris Clemons  Probable  Knee
10/20/2013  Brandon Gibson  Questionable  Hip
10/20/2013  Mike Pouncey  Probable  Ankle
10/20/2013  Nate Garner  Probable  Knee
10/20/2013  Brandon Fields  Probable  Back
10/20/2013  Jason Trusnik  Probable  Rib
10/20/2013  Cameron Wake  Probable  Knee
10/20/2013  Will Yeatman  Probable  Shoulder
10/06/2013  Cameron Wake  Questionable  Knee
10/06/2013  Chris Clemons  Probable  Glute
10/06/2013  Jason Trusnik  Questionable  Rib
10/06/2013  Jonathan Freeny  Probable  Shoulder
10/06/2013  Koa Misi  Probable  Shoulder
10/06/2013  Brandon Gibson  Questionable  Ankle
10/06/2013  Nolan Carroll  Probable  Ankle
10/06/2013  Paul Soliai  Probable  Knee
10/06/2013  Don Jones  Questionable  Elbow
10/06/2013  Dimitri Patterson  Out  Groin
10/06/2013  Dannell Ellerbe  Probable  Knee
09/30/2013  Brandon Gibson  Probable  Knee
09/30/2013  Chris Clemons  Probable  Hamstring, quadriceps
09/30/2013  Koa Misi  Questionable  Shoulder
09/30/2013  Paul Soliai  Questionable  Knee
09/30/2013  Mike Pouncey  Probable  Ankle
09/30/2013  Dimitri Patterson  Out  Groin
09/30/2013  Jimmy Wilson  Probable  Groin
09/30/2013  Dannell Ellerbe  Probable  Ribs
09/30/2013  Jonathan Freeny  Questionable  Shoulder
09/30/2013  Cameron Wake  Questionable  Knee
09/30/2013  Philip Wheeler  Probable  Thumb
09/24/2013  Vaughn Martin  Injured-Reserve  Undisclosed
09/24/2013  Vaughn Martin  Injured-Reserve  Undisclosed
09/22/2013  Ryan Tannehill  Probable  Right shoulder
09/22/2013  Chris Clemons  Questionable  Hamstring
09/22/2013  Cameron Wake  Day-to-Day  Knee
09/22/2013  Koa Misi  Questionable  Ankle
09/22/2013  Jamar Taylor  Probable  Groin
09/22/2013  Jimmy Wilson  Probable  Groin
09/22/2013  Dimitri Patterson  Out  Groin
09/22/2013  Paul Soliai  Out  Knee
09/22/2013  Dannell Ellerbe  Probable  Pectoral, ribs
09/22/2013  Nate Garner  Probable  Shoulder
09/22/2013  Dion Jordan  Probable  Shoulder
09/22/2013  John Jerry  Probable  Knee
09/22/2013  Pat Devlin  Questionable  Ankle
09/22/2013  Mike Wallace  Questionable  Groin
09/22/2013  Mike Pouncey  Questionable  Ankle
09/22/2013  Olivier Vernon  Probable  Thumb
09/22/2013  Will Davis  Probable  Toe
09/15/2013  Dion Sims  Probable  Groin
09/15/2013  Jamar Taylor  Out  Groin
09/15/2013  Josh Kaddu  Probable  Illness
09/15/2013  Dion Jordan  Probable  Shoulder
09/15/2013  Will Davis  Out  Toe
09/15/2013  Dannell Ellerbe  Probable  Pectoral
09/15/2013  Brandon Gibson  Probable  Wrist
09/15/2013  Pat Devlin  Out  Ankle
09/15/2013  Reshad Jones  Probable  Thumb
09/15/2013  Dimitri Patterson  Questionable  Groin
09/15/2013  Jonathan Freeny  Probable  Shoulder
09/08/2013  Jimmy Wilson  Probable  Hamstring
09/08/2013  Pat Devlin  Out  Ankle
09/08/2013  Dion Sims  Probable  Groin
09/08/2013  Dion Jordan  Probable  Shoulder
09/08/2013  Jonathan Freeny  Probable  Shoulder
09/08/2013  Will Davis  Out  Toe
09/08/2013  Vaughn Martin  Probable  Ankle
09/08/2013  Jamar Taylor  Out  Groin
09/08/2013  Dimitri Patterson  Questionable  Ankle
09/01/2013  Aaron Corp  Injured-Reserve  Collarbone
09/01/2013  Aaron Corp  Injured-Reserve  Collarbone
08/20/2013  Dustin Keller  Injured-Reserve  Torn right ACL, MCL, PCL
08/20/2013  Dustin Keller  Injured-Reserve  Torn right ACL, MCL, PCL
08/09/2013  Cameron Marshall  Injured-Reserve  Hamstring
08/09/2013  Cameron Marshall  Injured-Reserve  Hamstring
08/01/2013  Armon Binns  Injured-Reserve  Torn ACL
08/01/2013  Armon Binns  Injured-Reserve  Torn ACL
08/01/2013  Jasper Collins  Injured-Reserve  Undisclosed
08/01/2013  Jasper Collins  Injured-Reserve  Undisclosed
05/17/2013  Taylor Stockemer  Injured-Reserve  Undisclosed
05/17/2013  Taylor Stockemer  Injured-Reserve  Undisclosed
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