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Reactions: Women's Round of 16

Many users find list lacking without Steffi Graf

Posted: Thursday September 02, 1999 04:15 PM

  Many users sited Steffi Graf's 22 grand slams as reason to be included among the Century's Best. Clive Brunskill/Allsport

CNN/SI asked users to tell us who should made our women's Round of 16. The most commonly requested female athlete, by far, was Steffi Graf, though other women made a good showing as well. A sampling of the responses follows:

Julie Krone -- the winningist female jockey ever.
-- Wendy Steckhahn, Neptune, N.J.

Where is Michelle Akers? For an athlete with chronic fatigue syndrome, diagnosed while she was in the prime of her game, she has *continued* for YEARS to play absolutely stunning soccer, giving her heart and soul and superlative skills to a team that never would have won 2 out of 3 women's world cup finals without her awesome defensive and offensive skills. And to a game that has taken girls & women's athletics by storm!
-- Alexandra Patten, Oakland, Calif.

I think Shannon Miller should be in the top 16 because she's a great person and gymnast. She is a inpsiration to all people, fans and gymnasts!
-- Lindsey S., Montana

Steffi Graf should be on the list. She won 22 Grand Slams, was number 1 for longer than any man or woman, won each Grand Slam at least 4 times (no one else has done this), won 107 titles, won a Golden Grand Slam in 1988, etc etc. A disgrace to omit probably the greatest athlete of the 20th Century.
-- Christopher Skelton, Burlington, Ontario

Even though I am a Tar Heels hater, I got to give some props to Marion Jones. She is right up their with Flo Jo.
-- Admas Goshu, Silver Spring, Md.

As I was scrolling down the page, I expected to see Steffi Graf's name on the list. She has dominated tennis almost for the past ten years, won over a hundred tournaments and 21 or 22 single grand slam titles, more then Navratilova or Evert.
-- Gbrnga Taylor, Washington, D.C.

Katarina Witt's grace and longevity make her an excellent candidate for best female athlete of the Century. Katarina amazed us with her elgance and repeatedly excelled for over a decade. She definitely deserves to have her name mentioned amongst the greatest ever.
-- Moe, Toronto, Ontario

Question: No Steffi Graf? She is probably the greatest women's tennis player ever with over 20 grand slams and a forhand that was unstoppable. Considering the number of women's tennis players on the list it is a crime Graf is not one of them
-- Jason Matson, Ann Arbor, Mich.

I think Martina Hingis should have made the top 16. At such a young age she has acheived a lot already and therefore deserves a place here.
-- Dorianne Bonello, Malta

Pat Summit - An athelete, a college coach and an international coach. You really missed this a big one. Please read the following taken from her biography on the UT website. I think this calls for am addendum. How could you overlook a living legend???

Consider the following: her 24th edition of a Lady Vol basketball team ran the table with a perfect 39-0 record; this group won an unprecedented third consecutive NCAA title; Summitt's businesslike philosophy of coaching was chronicled in a best-selling book, Reach for the Summit; Home Box Office (HBO) released a documentary about Summitt's fifth NCAA Championship team, A Cinderella Season: The 1997 Lady Vols Fight Back, and Summitt became the first female coach to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated.
-- Lisa Green, Arlington, Va.

If dominating ones sport is a sign of greatness then Heather Mckay surely should appear on this list. Mckay's dominance of squash from 1962 to 1979 where she was unbeaten in every tournament she played says it all. She won the British Squash championship (squashs version of Wimbledon) 16 years in a row from 1962-1977 (at the age of 36).
-- Michael Greiman, Melbourne, Australia

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